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Think back to all the clients that have passed through your business or your friends who visit a family holiday home.

Out of those, could you estimate how many clients are planning to leave their Spanish property estate to their children, but don't fully understand the amount of money their children and heirs will be forced to hand over to the Spanish and British tax authorities?

Probably most of them.

Also, inheritance tax laws in Spain mean that when one of the couple dies, the surviving partner is not exempt from the tax bill.

So, would they be interested in a simple, cost effective way to minimise their tax liability, reduce paperwork to almost nothing, and have a stress free way to pass on their estate in Spain to their next of kin?

Our research shows that many haven't yet planned ahead, that's a great earning opportunity for you.

Because, when they realise that without careful planning, the 'gift' they leave their loved ones could really be a legacy of debt and worry,  they will want to do something about it?

"While we may not like talking about it, the fact is Spanish property owners need to be aware of the impact poor planning will have on their heirs and beneficiaries after their death"

If this sounds like a scenario your clients or friends face then this new service provided by Wincham Investments is an affordable MUST HAVE.

Through our offices in Spain and the UK we have a team of lawyers, consultants, accountants and company formation specialist ready to act on behalf of your clients.

We form a UK Limited Liability company, in which the real estate's ownership passes from your clients name into the hands of the company.

We make all the transfer arrangements and organise the payment of Spanish legal and Notary costs.

We register the company in the UK and deal with the Corporate legal requirements in the UK.

Each member of the family could become a director of the company. In this way if the current owner dies or is ill, the company can be easily reorganised.

It would only be necessary to transfer the company shares, which fall outside the Spanish inheritance tax net.

This structure is entirely legal and not a loophole and it will save your clients THOUSANDS of inheritance taxes.

 Great for them!

For you, it's a very simple way to earn thousands of Euros, starting today.

You just need to introduce them to us, and we'll pay you £300 when they engage our services and pay our fees.

As we are talking about huge savings for even modest properties, they would be crazy not to sign up, wouldn't they?

How can YOU sell this product?

You don't have to come up with ways to sell this, we've already prepared a comprehensive marketing program for you. All you need do is download it and send it.

When you sign up, we'll give you sales letters, web page text, email and banners that you will need to add this lucrative new element to your business.

Also, it works for people purchasing Spanish property, and it is possible our strategy could save the 7% purchase tax on resale properties.

As property prices rise they will fall into the tax net at some time or other, so planning now is the easiest way to legally avoid those onerous taxes and legal costs.

Your commission is the same £300 per introduction.

We'll supply you with brochures, sales emails and letters to give each client. They fill in the details and we register you as the introducer.

You can even make the introduction on line, but you need to register first, do that here

Should you wish to become a Consultant and deal direct with clients then once you have registered as an Agent you can apply for Consultant status. You will need to attend one of our Training Courses and once this has been successfully completed you will be officially appointed as a Wincham Consultant. This will give you greater earning power and allow you to recruit your own agents. If this is of interest to you please register as a Wincham Agent and then contact us to learn more.

Please Call Mark Roach
Tel: +44 (0)1260 292 631
Email:  iht.admin@wincham.com


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"To earn commission of £300, agents just need to download our sales letter and email it to their clients, we pay out on every successful introduction"
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